Bull launches new real-time big and fast data analytics solution
02/10/2013 09:30:36
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Please see below the latest announcement from Bull Information Systems who has today launched bullion fast data analytics, a new solution powered by Pivotal-based technologies that will allow organisations to analyse in real-time that massive amounts of data generated by the digital economy and transform it into useable information.

If you'd like to speak with Bull about bullion fast data analytics, or if you require any supporting imagery, please let me know.

t:   +44 (0)1252 727313 ext 204
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Bull launches bullion fast data analytics to process in real-time the massive amounts of data generated by the digital world

 Combining the power of Pivotal technologies and bullion servers, bullion fast data analytics is designed to accelerate Big & Fast data integration projects.

 Hemel Hempstead, 2nd October 2013: Bull launches bullion fast data analytics, a solution that allows organisations to analyse vast amounts of data generated by the digital economy in real time. bullion fast data analytics is the fruit of a technology collaboration, using the power of Pivotal based technologies with the robustness of Bull’s bullion servers, the world’s fastest in their class.

Facing Big & Fast Data challenges

In 2013, there are around 3 Zettabytes of data in the digital universe, or 400 Gigabytes for every single person on the planet. That figure is set to reach between 30 and 40 Zettabytes by 2020[1]. This massive amount of data represents a whole new kind of raw material, and knowing how to analyse it in real time, so as to transform it into useable and useful information, is a vital challenge for all kinds of organisations. In many areas, from telecoms and finance, to healthcare and homeland security, businesses and public sector bodies are able to offer new services to build customer loyalty or manage crisis situations, for instance.

Managing this huge amount of data in real time requires a whole new order of solutions; all the more so since the value that can be extracted from this information declines rapidly over time. With bullion fast data analytics, Bull brings Big & Fast Data solutions within reach for businesses: solutions that effectively combine the parallel processing performance found in Bull’s family of supercomputers, with the instantaneous power and massive memory capacity needed to manage huge amounts of data.

An optimised solution for rapid and easy implementation

bullion fast data analytics is the fruit of a close collaboration between experts from Bull and Pivotal, the company building the first platform to integrate new data fabrics, modern programming frameworks, cloud portability and support for legacy systems.

Bull has designed a unified, optimised and validated architecture on the Pivotal Greenplum Database and Pivotal GemFire. bullion fast data analytics makes the implementation and operation of real-time Big Data analytics solutions less complex, thus enabling integrators to focus their energies and their business expertise on supporting users.

The bullion fast data analytics solution features a high degree of flexibility for improved time-to-market while also helping to significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The solution has undergone a rigorous validation program with Pivotal and VMware, carried out in Bull’s R & D labs.

A Cloud-ready solution, five to ten times less complex than traditional solutions

bullion fast data analytics is a unique Big & Fast Data solution running in a virtualised environment. As a pre-integrated solution, bullion fast data analytics delivers significant cost savings and simplifies both implementation and day-to-day operations. With its lower latency times and powerful I/O architecture, bullion fast data analytics is clearly designed to achieve high levels of performance.

The ability to process the massive amounts of data generated by the digital world in real time is a real challenge that demands powerful, effective and easy-to-deploy solutions. Pivotal’s experts have been working with their counterparts from Bull towards precisely this goal,” said Scott Aronson senior vice president, global field operations, Pivotal

We have designed bullion fast data analytics to propose a unified and robust platform. Organisations can take advantage of lower implementation and operations costs and quick real-time analysis of the huge amounts of data being produced each hour” commented Jacqueline Moussa, Vice-President, Enterprise Server Business Unit, BULL.

About Bull

Bull is a leader in secure mission-critical digital systems. The Group is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions where computing power and security serve to optimise its customers' information systems, to support their business.

Bull operates in high added-value markets including computer simulation, Cloud computing and 'computing power plants', outsourcing and security.

Currently Bull employs around 9,300 people across more than 50 countries, with nearly 1000 staff totally focused on R & D. In 2012, Bull recorded revenues of €1.3 billion.

[1] Source : from IDC Digital Universe study sponsored by EMC


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